Da Baldo's Trattoria
3518 Hampton
St. Louis, MO 63109
Tel (314) 832-6660
Fax: (314) 832-6158
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  Baldo's elegant banquet facilities comprise two private rooms with seating capacity of up to 90 people in the larger room, confortably and intimately seated 6 to a table.  Larger capacity can be obtained with other seating arrangements.
   The attentive serving staff has been trained to cater to banquet patrons efficiently and with minimum disruption, insuring the success of your event.
   Baldo's banquet facilities are widely patronized by the local Italian-American clubs who appreciate the convenience of the well maintained logistics and the genuine Italian food served.

   Clubs who have been meeting at Baldo's include the Italian Club of St. Louis, UNICO, Italiano per piacere and many others.

  An array of audio-visual equipment including a large projection TV with a direct satellite feed from the Italian "RAI International", adds to the convenience and professionalism of Baldo's banquet facilities.
   Allow us to present to you a competitive quote for your next important event.  Call the Banquet Manager at (314)832-6660.